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CFH Welcomes Our Global Culinary Ambassadors

Those who share a passion – and even a profession – in the culinary world have a unique and intuitive understanding of the importance of healthy ingredients and good nutrition. Throughout our travels, we have found that people who have a passion for food and its preparation are likely to be passionate about ending hunger and malnutrition and nourishing their communities.

Chefs for Humanity’s mission is to galvanize chefs and culinary enthusiasts around this shared passion to end hunger and malnutrition for the world’s children. We are proud to stand in partnership with these dedicated humanitarians and culinary talents, each of whom brings special gifts and shared understanding that together, we can make a meaningful difference. We celebrate these Chefs for Humanity and are proud to have them as our Global Culinary Ambassadors.

Our Latest Ambassador

Miriam Padberg Petion-Ville, Haiti

Miriam and her mother Saskia Padberg have been making a positive difference in their community for years. As owners of the Brasserie Quartier Latin, a bustling restaurant located in Petion-Ville, Haiti, renowned for its great food … full story  

Our First Junior Ambassador

Grace LaFountain New Hartford, New York

Sometimes, inspiration and passion happen at a very young age. Chefs for Humanity is proud to welcome 8 year old Grace LaFountain as our first Junior Ambassador. full story  

Meet Our Champions

Yasser Bagersh Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children living in extreme poverty and malnourishment, Yasser founded… full story  

Giordana Kebedom Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Giordana demonstrates with each show how you can use fresh, local ingredients to prepare healthy, delicious and nutritious meals… full story  

Stephan Durand Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Talented Chef Durand is an accomplished and passionate professional with a distinguished career in culinary arts…full story  

Q&A with Chef Yasser

Chef Yasser and Founder of Our Fathers’ Kitchen shares his vision for a hunger-free world.
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