Disaster Response

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Devastation from disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti and the drought in the Horn of Africa remind us how easily our neighbors and friends can fall into desperate, life-threatening circumstances. Chefs for Humanity remains committed to galvanizing the culinary community and the public at large to help those most in need, whether here at home or overseas.

Chefs For Humanity Helps Haiti

“Millions of people have lost everything in Haiti. Together, Chefs For Humanity and WFP are saving lives and providing relief in this tragic situation.” — Monica Marshall, Deputy Director, United Nations World Food Programme

By uniting the culinary community, Chefs for Humanity Founder, Cat Cora, raised $100,000 to provide immediate relief to Haitians affected by the devastating earthquake. 100% of the proceeds were delivered to the World Food Programme to support vital school meals programs through the purchase of clean, fuel-efficient cookstoves.

Thanks to Chefs’ cookstove donation and food provided by WFP, kids can proudly show their lunch plates, often the first meal they will receive that day. School meals help the children to concentrate, learn and grow. The meals also provide an incentive for poor parents to send their children to school and to keep them in school.




Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims

cat-and-lady In the aftermath of the one of the most severe natural disasters to hit the United States, Chefs for Humanity reacted quickly to provide support to those affected in the gulf coast region. In collaboration with the American Red Cross and with the help of an amazing group of women from Gulfport, MS, Chefs for Humanity helped feed local evacuees and volunteer emergency workers thousands of meals over a three week period.

The Chefs for Humanity team of culinary professionals were welcomed into community kitchens to cook for people in the community. We were also fortunate to receive the support of Susan Stockton of the Food Network with important assistance and culinary support. In addition to Chefs for Humanity Founder, Cat Cora, celebrity chefs Ming Tsai, Charlie Ayers and Alton Brown also worked tirelessly each day in Gulfport feeding displaced hurricane victims and relief workers.

As a result of continued effort by CFH volunteers to support Gulfport Emergency Services, between 3,500 and 5,000 meals were served daily for three weeks to provide food to those affected by the disaster through three shelters or via large foodservice portable food delivery trucks. A second kitchen provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner for up to feed emergency workers in the area. The second kitchen produced up to 2,750 meals a day via a cafeteria style environment or take-out meals for workers who were unable to leave their work sites.

Chefs for Humanity President Cat Cora has also participated and in numerous Hurricane Katrina fundraisers including Mississippi Rising and America’s Second Harvest and events in Chicago, New York City and in New Orleans during 2006.


Disaster Response

South Sudan, Airdrop Operation, May 2003
WFP/Debbi Morello

WFP provides critical food assistance to nearly 90 million people in 70 countries each year. Many receiving their help have been affected by war or disaster.

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