Miriam Padberg,
Global Ambassador for Chefs for Humanity
Owner of Brasserie Quartier Latin, Petion-Ville,Haiti

mariam1 Miriam and her mother Saskia Padberg have been making a positive difference in their community for years. As owners of the Brasserie Quartier Latin, a bustling restaurant located in Petion-Ville, Haiti, renowned for its great food, the written messages left by patrons on all the walls, the sensational atmosphere and the social consciousness of its owners. It seems that every night there’s a reason to celebrate at Quartier Latin, as the food and the entertainment make Quartier Latin a “regular” for Haitians and visitors alike.

“Every one of us has the power to make a positive difference in the lives of our communities,” said Miriam. “No effort, however small, is minor and they all add up to the potential for great change. We will continue to look for ways to expose great projects that demonstrate the strength, talent and resilience of the Haitian people.”

Dedicated to promoting local arts and artisans, Miriam and her mother feature indigenous works of art in the restaurant and bring local musicians in to perform. Beyond great food and featured local artists, Miriam also provides space in Quartier Latin to several non-profit organizations to expose and sell their products, all in support of Haitian development. Featured products highlight the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Haitian artists and artisans and have ranged from hand bags made from discarded tents, to fine jewelry to photographs and more. Miriam and her mother have also been actively involved in several initiatives to raise funds for the St. Trinity School of Classical Music and hosting a dinner to raise funds for a local non-governmental organization called BND in partnership with Chefs for Humanity.

Mapou necklace to benefit Ramanse Lajan recycling organization

Fundraiser for St. Trinity School of Classical Music, destroyed in the earthquake

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