Executive Chef, Culinary Consultant
Stephan Durand
Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Chefs for Humanity is proud to announce chef Stephan Durand, Executive Chef/Culinary Consultant, Culinary by Design/Quartier Latin, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as a global culinary ambassador who will help amplify our work and reach others who share a vision of a world without hunger and malnutrition. Talented Chef Durand is an accomplished and passionate professional with a distinguished career in culinary arts in the US, Haiti and beyond. On our recent mission to Haiti, Chef Durand helped us raised $7,000 in one evening to bring improved nutrition to children there. Stephan will work side-by-side with Chefs for Humanity to promote awareness of malnutrition and develop programs to support better nutrition.

Q&A with Chef Yasser

Chef Yasser and Founder of Our Fathers’ Kitchen shares his vision for a hunger-free world.
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